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  • 01Defence & Security

    Headstrong Consultants has lengthy, deep and hands-on experience in defence and security markets in which it can offer specific sector expertise

  • 02Business Consultancy

    "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." Peter Drucker

  • 03Your Strategic Partner

    Headstrong's success rate is founded in strong client relationships, knowledge and mutual trust

01 Business Growth and Development

Headstrong's Resourcing

Finding the best individuals in the market has never been more challenging. Owing to the changing times we live in there are currently a considerable number of candidates who are in the available market but the best may not be visible. + More

02 Executive Search and Selection

headstrong's business initiatives

Headstrong helps organisations in most areas of business transformation. During the last few years CEO mentoring, divisional department restructuring and strategic planning have brought significant profitable improvements to a wide range of businesses.  + More

03 Testimonials

Headstrong's Case studies

Read selected case studies about how Headstrong Consultants have helped to define strategy, implement projects and/or find the best of scarce international resources for some of the biggest names in the sector.  + More